By Car

Reaching the restaurant by car is pretty easy. Just enter our adress “Martastrasse 145, 8003 Zürich” in your GPS. If you are able to make it there without GPS then that’s great! There are different ways that lead to the Grotto. If you are passing the Albisriederplatz, then you can either drive into the city and take the 4th turn right. Now you are already in the Martastrasse. You can keep on driving and look out for a parking lot meanwhile.The second option is after the Albisriederplatz you can take the exit for Albisrieden. Before you reach the Krematorium Sihlfehld Station you can turn left into the Ämtlerstrasse. From here on you have to pass 5 crossroads while driving straight ahead. You should be able to see our restaurant along the way. We advise you to look out for a parking lot while you are in the Ämtlerstrasse. There are lots of parking lots in front of the cemetery. But don’t fret! Your car is not going to be haunted by evil spirits. Or is it…?


By Public Transport

You can also reach us by using the tram or a bus. This option also offers various possibilities. The simplest way is taking tram 2 or 3 until the Zypressenstrasse. Then you walk towards Lochergut. But don’t go too far! The first crossroad is the Martastrasse. From there on you can take a right turn and walk to the main road. Another option is to take the bus no. 72 to the Bertastrasse. At this station you exit the bus and walk towards the main road where the cemetery and Albisriederplatz is located. But don’t walk too far because after 100m you’ll see the Grotto Reale.


Tips And Tricks

If you are still not sure how to get to us we have some tricks that proved to be useful over time.

  • Use Google Maps on your smartphone
  • Use GPS in your car
  • Ask strangers on the street
  • Ask your bus or tram driver
  • Follow the smell of mediterranean cusine 🙂

If everythings fails, then simply call us. We will be happy to guide you to the Grotto.