Our Meat

We offer Mistkratzerli (chicken) , Scaloppine, Entrecôte and beef filet. They are available in different variations, however you like them best. We work with the best supplier in Switzerland to guarantee that our meat is high quality. Our meat is either being produced in Switzerland, America or Ireland. We all know how good their meat is… Que Bueno!

Mistkratzerli out of the oven

Our Mistkratzerli is so good, you won’t be able to keep your hands off it. It has a cripsy crust and the meat is very juicy. How do we achieve that? We use a secret marinade for our Mistkratzerli. After that we fry the crust and the chicken disappears in the oven together with an olive-garlic sauce.. It is best eaten together with delicious french fries. As we already said, the Mistkratzerli is so good that you’ll want to eat it until only bones are left. Don’t be afraid to use your hands! We will make sure to get your hands clean after dinner.

Scaloppine al limone

Our Scaloppine al Limone consists of different veal cutlets with lemon sauce. Un sogno of lemons. Unfortunately we cannot tell you the recipe. But there are lemons in it. You would’t have guessed that right? The Scaloppine al Limone is lightweight and reminds you of beautiful summer days in Italy. As a side dish we recommend french fries, vegetables or a crisp salad.


Are you craving a delicious piece of meat? Then we can recommend you our Entrecôte. You can request however you like it best. Bleu, medium or bien cuit? You decide! The entrecôte comes in different variarions. You can enjoy it just as it is with garlic butter or do you prefer a spicy pepper sauce?  We also serve sauteed mushrooms with the entrecôte. You can also enjoy the self-made noodles, french fries and vegetables. Feel like having a glass of wine? We recommend a red wine from Portugal or Spain.

Beef Filet

What is there to say about our beef filet? It’s the best thing that can happen to meat. Here you can also decide how you prefer your meat. You can eat it straight from the grill, with herb butter, with a spicy pepper sauce or with sauteed mushrooms. Our highlight is the beef filet out of the pan served with garlic, sage and balsamic vinegar. A dream in brown-white color. What dish goes best with it? You decide! We like to have roasted potatoes with it. A bottle of red wine from Portugal or Spain is perfect for this meal. Buon Appetito.