About the Grotto Reale Mediterranean cuisine in Zurich

In the Grotto Reale we focus on mediterannean cuisine, especially Italian and Spanish specialities are included in our menu.

We have opened the Grotto Reale in 2008 in the middle of Kreis 3 in Zurich. Since then, we charm our visitors with our mediterannean specialities on a daily basis. From Spanish Serrano ham to home-made Italian Tiramisu you can find plenty of delicious dishes in our restaurant.

We are passionate about creating a unique mediterannean experience for you when you eat in our restaurant. We do not only want to delight visitors with our food but also with our nature. Everyone in our team has a southern European background which we are proud of. When you eat with us, you should feel like you are sitting in a restaurant in Italy, Spain or Portugal.

Alice dos Santos ist die Gastgeberin und Küchenchefin vom Restaurant Grotto Reale. Dort erleben die Gäste von Alice eine tolle mediterrane Küche.
Alice dos Santos The host

Hello, I am Alice, your host and chef de cuisine of the Grotto Reale. This year I am celebrating my 49th birthday (for the fifth time). I have worked in the gastronomy for over 30 years. Throughout the years I have developed a huge passion for the food industry and cooking. For me there is nothing greater than treating a visitor with culinary specialities so he can leave the Grotto Reale satisfied and with a full stomach.

 It’s often very hectic in the kitchen. Nevertheless cooking is my favourite way of relaxing. The best part about being a host is visiting the restaurant after cooking and talking to my visitor about the food and the world.
Mediterranean restaurant

When it comes to food and wine, we focus on mediterranean specialities. We also work with suppliers who share this passion.

Spanish cuisine

We love Spanish specialities. You can experience our Spanish side with our seafood dishes and especially our paella. Some claim that our paella is the best of Zurich. That’s why you have to wait an hour for it (preparing the best paella takes some time…)

Italian Cuisine

The italian cuisine is part of our restaurant too. We offer many Italian dishes. From our pasta to home-made noodles and Tiramisu.

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