Fish & Parrillada

OUR Fish

We offer various types of fish: shrimps, squid or sepia, european seabass and a parrillada with mixed fish and seafood. We work together with one of the best suppliers in Zurich which is why our fish has the best quality.

Shrimps and Sepia

Shrimps or sepia, as well as squid work as an excellent appetizer. Our fish is fried in an olive oil sauce and is accompanied by garlic and herbs. It is flambéed briefly and then it will be served hot. So hot that you might burn your fingers. We strongly recommend a glass of prosecco or white wine. This will make the experience even more thrilling.


Our parrillada can easily compete with parrillada from Portugal or Spain. You’ll find various types of fish on your plate. From shrimps to squid and european seabass, you can eat your way through the entire ocean. Our parrillada gets its delicious taste with the sauce we pour over it. Parrillada with vegetable and rice is a beautiful combination. And a glass of white wine makes dinner perfect.